About Design for Leisure

We are a unique company offering specialist spa design and consultancy coupled with the creation of some of the most exciting hydrothermal bathing experiences in the world.

Whether you are seeking to create a beautiful home spa or a cutting edge, state of the art commercial spa as a stand alone facility or as part of a hotel, condominium or resort development, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Our specialist skills are available individually or collectively as a turnkey solution, when we can bring together our extensive network of partners to provide a professional project design team.

There isn’t a project too large, too small or too far away as we have representative partners all over the world.

In a world where brands have an increasingly important profile, we are frequently commissioned to write performance specifications and prepare corporate ‘wet spa standards’ ensuring brand association and loyalty will never be compromised as guests become ever more adventurous in their travel habits, with the added benefit of enabling ease of staff mobility and clear, concise and globally effective operating standards.

The extensive experience of the Design for Leisure team has seen us becoming increasingly sought after as Expert Witnesses to the legal profession and we are pleased to add these services to our skills. Additionally, we have identified the need within our industry for regular inspections of facilities within our industry, where a professional eye is required to identify risks posed by out dated, damaged or poorly maintained equipment that could lead to a claim against the operator.