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{2:18 minutes to read} The popularity of salt inhalation rooms is growing and with it is an Inhale - Exhale by Matt Williamsonemerging market with much room to expand.

Why salt? Individual salt crystals are crushed into a fine powder, negatively charged, and spread across the respiratory system. Users can expect anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as aid with skin diseases, depression, sinusitis, sleep disorders and a boost to the immune system. Within as little as 10 minutes, an optimal dry salt concentration can be achieved.

Imagine yourself taking deep breaths and breathing in dry salt, in the privacy of your personal sauna or treatment room. Design for Leisure and Klafs USA are now offering a patented microsalt technology, the Salt ProX, which converts saunas and treatment areas into salt inhalation rooms. Unlike conventional salt applications, the Salt ProX is 99% sodium chloride which is the highest purity level found in nature. The European and Spa Awards recognized this product as the “Best Spa Product Innovation Technique.”

Inhale - Exhale by Matt WilliamsonHave you noticed Salt Rooms in your town or city? Have you ever wanted to offer your clients a salt inhalation experience at home? Breathing in salt during a massage could add immense health benefits to spa-going clientele. The Salt ProX provides additional health benefits with the ease of a small device that can be fastened to a wall with a bracket and removed easily.

With the Spa ProX, your clientele can achieve in-depth cleansing of the airways down to the finest alveoli, as well as cleansing and revitalization of skin.

With the ever-changing market and higher expectations, we need to stay a step ahead and anticipate client needs. The use of salt in both private and public spaces is poised for immense growth. Let Design for Leisure help you offer the top technologies and products!

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