Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! by Matt Williamson{4:18 minutes to read} Thermal bathing is the practice of getting very, very hot, and then very, very cold. The greater the extremes, the greater the benefits, and there is no greater extreme for getting cold than getting into a snow room. I take that back. There is a greater extreme — you can make a hole in a frozen lake, if you have one!

One of the big problems has been the use of snow rooms within the spa environment. If you get very, very hot in a Finnish sauna, then what’s the most extreme way to get cold? Snow is the obvious choice, but snow and its production equipment, until very very recently, has been incredibly expensive to produce in small quantities within spa areas.

A German company called Areasana has come up with the most incredible technology. They no longer need huge mechanical spaces to produce snow, and the space they do need is able to be remote from the snow room itself. These were all previous impediments to using snow within a spa environment.

On top of this, they have managed to improve the technology to the point where the cost of producing snow has been reduced, so the cost of having a snow room within a spa environment has dropped dramatically.

More importantly, we are incredibly well supported by medical evidence and practice on the use of thermal shock, or going from very hot to very cold. Areasana has worked very closely with Dr. Christian Thuile, who’s actually created an entire thermal bathing method, which was named after him. Dr. Thuile has written papers on his Method, and a complete “how to use thermal bathing.” He also gives actual evidence-based information on how exposing yourself to high and low temperatures will improve your health by strengthening your immune system. That exposure also has massive advantages for your vascular system.

People using hot and cold therapy: a sauna and then snow, sauna and then snow, 3 times a day over 6 months, were actually able to eradicate high blood pressure problems. In effect, what you are doing is expanding your blood vessels through the very, very hot sauna, then constricting them by getting them very, very cold, using your blood like a bottle or pipe cleaner to clean out and remove the deposits building up inside your vascular system.

At the other end of the scale, there is also evidence produced by Klafs, our partners that manufacture the saunas we use, regarding the benefits of sweat bathing.

And now we actually have the opportunity to offer this product in the United States, because so many European companies are waking up to the opportunities offered by a maturing, increasingly sophisticated and globally aware American spa and wellness industry. We have the commitment from our manufacturing partners that UL Listing is now something they will be achieving, and lack of such certifications will no longer be an impediment to American owners and operators wanting to buy this equipment.

There is no point in just having a snow room, and there is no point in just having a sauna. Thermal bathing facilities must offer extremes of hot and cold, and snow and sauna offer those extremes, whatever the time of year or ambient climate. And now, for the first time ever, we can offer people in the United States the beneficial extremes of thermal bathing.

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