{3:00 minutes to read} We all enjoy different means of relaxation, and the same should be true when deciding how to sauna bathe. Choose a climate that suits your needs and your own individual kind of relaxation, and create unique moments of well-being with the Sanarium from KLAFS.

At first glance there appears to be virtually no difference between a Sanarium and a traditional sauna. However, the relaxation experiences it offers is thoroughly out of the ordinary. By increasing the humidity, the Sanarium can maintain constant perceived warmth even as the actual temperature drops, and if you wish, you can fill the cabin with aromatic steam.

It transforms one sauna into five different bathing climates:

  • A classical sauna;
  • A warm air bath;
  • A tropical bath;
  • An aroma bath; and
  • A soft steam bath.

Sanarium by Matt Williamson

You simply choose the climate zone that suits your present mood, and the Sanarium will automatically adjust the humidity and temperature to your requirements.

The relaxation offered by the Sanarium is not only extremely pleasant, but also of proven health benefit. A study by Berlin’s renowned Charité University Hospital, for instance, has shown that the gentle warmth and circulation-boosting climate in the Sanarium can reduce high blood pressure and alleviate circulatory disorders with regular use. In addition, regular visits to the Sanarium train the cardiovascular system and offer effective prevention of colds.

Across the board, studies have shown that the Sanarium has a positive effect on the immune system. The skin, our largest organ, also benefits from this top-of-the-range beauty treatment, being cleansed, purified and simultaneously enriched with nutrients and minerals.

KLAFS has also developed an aroma cup, allowing stimulating fragrances to permeate the cabin. The aroma cup allows the beneficial properties of personally selected fragrant oils to exert a positive effect on the bathing experience.

A further treat for the senses comes in the form of the speaker integrated into the humidity sensor, allowing you to enjoy tranquil acoustic music, classical pieces or stimulating natural noises.

Whether it is a sauna or Sanarium, traditional or more contemporary, the interior wooden finishes remain the same in both. It is simply a technological option that offers users multi-functionality when selecting bathing programs.

Sauna bathing in a Sanarium is a particularly gentle and pleasant experience. Never before has it been so healthy and relaxing to follow your inner nature.

Matt Williamson
Design for Leisure
715 Discovery Blvd.
Suite# 408
Cedar Park, TX 78613 USA

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