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New Sauna Designs Taking Shape

Historically, when humans built meaningful rooms, the structures were generally round. Round buildings symbolize the divine and perfection. Wood in its natural shape is round. In sauna and spa design, the desire for natural lines and organic shapes is clear, but … Continue reading

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ROI of Wet Spa Facilities

{3:48 minutes to read} When built using modern methods and technology as discussed in our recent article, Hydrothermal areas in wet spa facilities can involve a significant investment. This investment can provide equally significant returns; however, there are barriers to … Continue reading

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Building Methods for Wet Spa Areas

{3:42 minutes to read} There is a long history associated with the construction of hydrothermal facilities, dating as far back as ancient Roman times. More recently, European manufacturers, predominantly German based, have come to the forefront of the industry as … Continue reading

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