Take Responsibility for Your Health and Wellbeing

Take Responsibility for Your Health and Wellbeing

Photography credit Nik Koenig

{3:42 minutes to read} Our project at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach has recently opened, and it is an absolutely stunning property. It’s not just what we have done there, but it is one of the most eclectic, creative, and thought provoking hotel properties that I’ve ever walked into, let alone had the privilege of being part of the design team for the last 4 years. Our responsibility was the wet spa areas, which we designed and built.

The whole ethos of the hotel spa was aimed at moving not just away from the conventional spa model, but more toward a holistic area with spaces where people can meditate and relax. People can book the therapist-applied spa service or use the wet spa facilities on their own, without having to book a therapy or a treatment. The brave move to create a 1,850-square-foot, coed wet spa area has set a new precedent in American spa design.

While DIY thermal bathing has been happening in Europe and the rest of the world for a very long time, the American spa market has traditionally been treatment-based or hands-on-therapy based. It is time for people to take more responsibility for their general wellness and well-being. The rest of the world is moving forwardβ€”encouraging people, pushing them, shoving them, nurturing them, holding their hands, every way they possibly canβ€”toward this goal of self-preservation and determination.

This is probably the biggest trend we’ve ever seen. It is going to be far bigger than any of the jogging, fitness or yoga trends, not to mention the diet trends that we’ve seen over the years. We believe that the wellness trend, with people taking responsibility for their own well being, is a worldwide phenomenon which is growing daily in interest and popularity. And it is not just the populace, but governments are beginning to realize that we have to treat the human body before it becomes sick.

It’s very important that the spa industry embraces the whole DIY element of giving people the opportunity to take control by providing facilities that enable them to begin to understand their wellness and be able to build on that. Prevention is better than cure. We’ve heard that our entire lives, but very few people ever put it into practice.

We see the health industry engaging with the spa and wellness industry. For the first time, pill-prescribing doctors are actually beginning to look at some of the holistic therapies that have been around for centuries, such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and homeopathy. They are beginning to believe they have a place in the modern healthcare systems.

It’s a huge opportunity, and it’s very important that spas see it and take the very responsible move towards providing facilities that enable people to take control of their health and well-being.

Matt Williamson
Design for Leisure
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